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My services

Social Media Marketing

Content and strategic communication on social media Facebook ed Instagram and their advertising.

Google Maps and Google Advertising

Positioning on Google Maps of your company and advertising through paid auction ads on google.

Websites, landing pages and e-commerce

The creation of responsive websites (adaptable to all devices) such as landing pages, showcase sites and multi-product e-commerce.

Advertising graphics

From visual graphics to communicative graphics that can also be used on the web

Photo Content

Realization of photo shoots suitable for communicating the values ​​of a brand on the web.

Video content

Realization of corporate commercials, trailers, music videos, events and weddings

The role of the social media manager

What does a social media manager do?

A Social Media Manager is a professional who specializes in managing and optimizing a company's or individual's social media presence. Our team of experts in Pescara can offer a wide range of social media management services, including:

  • Creation of a customized strategy: We develop a targeted strategy for your social media, taking into account your needs and business objectives. Our experience allows us to identify the most suitable platforms to reach your target audience in Pescara and maximize user engagement.
  • Content Management: We create quality and original content for your social channels, such as posts, images, videos and more. We make sure your message is coherent and engaging, in order to attract and keep the audience's attention.
  • Planning and Publishing Content: We use advanced tools to plan and schedule the posting of content on social media. This allows us to guarantee a constant and regular presence, even when you are busy elsewhere.
  • Monitoring and analysis: We carefully analyze the data relating to your presence on social media, evaluating the performance of your campaigns and identifying opportunities for improvement. We use this information to make strategic adjustments and optimize results.
Lorenzo Savini Social Media Manager
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Why choose our team?

Se siete pronti a migliorare la vostra presenza sui social media a Pescara e ad ottenere risultati concreti per la vostra attività, non esitate a contattarci. Il nostro team di Social Media Manager è pronto ad aiutarvi a raggiungere i vostri obiettivi. Chiamateci o inviateci un’email per una consulenza gratuita e senza impegno. Non vediamo l’ora di collaborare con voi e far crescere la vostra attività a Pescara attraverso i social media!

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what makes us unique?

Our strong points

  • Local Expertise: We are a team of professionals who know the Pescara market and its culture. This allows us to tailor social media strategies specifically for your business in the area, resulting in better results.
  • Proven track record: We have worked with numerous companies in Pescara and achieved tangible results in improving their social media presence and generating business opportunities . We can provide testimonials and concrete results to prove our expertise.
  • Personalized Approach: We believe that every business has unique needs, and therefore we take a personalized approach to meet your specific needs. We do not offer pre-packaged solutions, but we adapt to your requests and objectives.

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